Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Becoming a Healthy Church

The following are notes taken from Pastor George Hawthorne's sermon on Sunday, May 21, 2017.

Did you know that North America is the only continent where the church isn't growing?

What are some of the indicators of a healthy church?

1.  Love -- A healthy church exemplifies acceptance and unconditional love like Jesus.  For all kinds of people, especially the downtrodden and forgotten

2.  Purpose -- A healthy church has a clear sense of purpose and a vision for the future.  Deep down in each of us is the desire to make our lives count.  Good things do not happen by accident.

3.  Prayer -- A healthy church is a praying church.  Begin your day with prayer.  Prayer makes a difference.

4.  Service -- A healthy church is  not just serving its congregation, its in service to its community, country and world.  God loves all creation, and expects us to live lives of service to others.

5.  Optimism/Enthusiasm -- A healthy church is optimistic about the future, and believes better days lie ahead.  Our church has a glorious past, but constantly looking back is a hindrance to its future health.

6. Personal Growth  -- A healthy church's members have a keen desire for personal growth.  They want to know God in an intimate manner, with an expectant heart.  They hunger to know God's will in their lives.  Church is more than a social outlet, it's a place to learn to walk and grow with God.

7.  Outward Focus -- A healthy church is not just worried about keeping the lights on, and running the latest program.  A healthy church is outwardly focused, seeking to reach and serve those beyond our walls.

8.  Open to Change  -- A healthy church is flexible and willing to look at and do things differently in order to better serve God's will and the community.  A danger to a healthy church is "but we've always done it that way, or we never do that here."

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